Experience, Commitment & Discipline

Gryphon Investment Counsel Inc.

Specialty Name Experience
Fixed Income/
Canadian Equity
Terry Walsh
President, CEO, CIO
Managing Partner
47 Years
Canadian Equity Ronald Kaulbach
Managing Partner
52 Years
Canadian Equity/
Fixed Income
Chris Smith, CFA
Managing Partner
28 Years
Canadian Equity Denis Taillefer, CFA
Portfolio Manager
22 Years
Canadian Equity Marc Marzotto, CFA, MBA
Portfolio Manager
15 Years
Marketing & Client Services Michael Pears, CFA
Managing Partner
28 Years
Administration Judy Augustine
CFO, Secretary/Treasurer
Director of Administration
Managing Partner
35 Years
Compliance Kathie L. Johnson
Chief Compliance Officer
25 Years


Gryphon International Investment Corporation


Specialty Name Experience
Foreign Equity Alex Becks
48 Years
Foreign Equity Larry McManus, CFA
42 Years
Foreign Equity Peter Hanley, MBA, CMA, CFA
Portfolio Manager
29 Years
Foreign Equity Trevor Graham, CFA
Portfolio Manager and COO
23 years
Foreign Equity Spencer Mellish, CFA
Portfolio Manager and CFO
24 years
Foreign Equity John Hwang, CFA
Portfolio Manager
16 Years
Compliance Nick Spiers
Chief Compliance Officer
20 Years

Gryphon is a member of the Portfolio Management Association of Canada ("PMAC"). Their mission is to advocate the highest standards of unbiased portfolio management in the interest of investors served by Members, as well as to increase public awareness of investment counseling and its benefits.